Congratulations on making the decision to join me on this challenge!

Here’s your DAY ONE:

1. Create a journal by downloading and printing this PDF file with your weekly journal pages.  Or, use the headings listed in this link.  Journaling and tracking your daily progress is a KEY success factor in getting the most of this challenge!

2. Take your Day One measurements: weigh yourself and measure your waist, hips, and chest then jot down in your journal.

3. Begin your daily practice of the following:

  • Yoga, minimum of 20 minutes; home practice or take a class. For your home practice, here is a link to some FREE classes.
  • 5 minutes minimum of meditation – sit comfortably, close your eyes,  just breathe.
  • Change your thoughts from negative to positive; transforming critical or judging to nurturing and compassionate words.
  • Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Drink 64 oz. of fluid/water per day.
  • Journal daily.
  • Sleep ~ 7 hrs/night (lights out by 11pm or earlier).

4. Begin eliminating these foods from your diet, and wean slowly from any substances you may be addicted to. You have 7 days to eliminate these inflammatory foods from your diet:

  • caffeine, alcohol, dairy, meat, gluten, and sugar




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