It’s day two and we’re still in week one of our 28-day challenge.  Some of you are just joining us so you can make this your day one or just jump on in TODAY!  One of the first steps I highly recommend is downloading and printing this PDF file to track your progress daily in these journal pages.  I recommend reading each page, including the last page with the Post-Detox Assessment questions, to give you an idea what you can discover about yourself by going through this intentional detox and yoga challenge.


During this first week we are slowly weaning off those typically inflammatory foods with a goal of eliminating all of them by day 7.  And, these foods have been chosen for this detox because they typically can be culprits for causing inflammation, fatigue, anxiety, intestinal irritation, sleep disruptions, skin eruptions, depression, etc.  If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, by going through an elimination diet, then slowly re-introducing each one during week 4, you may discover you have a food allergy or sensitivity.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of these foods you may actually be addicted to, meaning that when you cease consumptions you experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, grumpiness, nausea, or the shakes.  If you know you actually have an addiction, or have a strong “need” for a substance, VERY SLOWLY wean yourself off the food.  For example, I took the entire week to wean off coffee:

  • Days 1, 2: half-caf, half-decaf
  • Days 3 and 4: decaf coffee
  • Days 5 and 6: green tea
  • Day 7: No caffeine

That’s just an example of how you can wean off a substance.  And, you are of course welcome to choose which foods you would like to eliminate during this challenge.  If you suspect you are sensitive, allergic, or addicted to a food, this is a great opportunity to be put yourself through your scientific experiment, documenting the effects of eliminating then re-introducing items back into your diet.


In addition to journaling, I also recommend joining our SECRET facebook page.  Just email me from my http://facebook.com/SpirituallyFitYoga page and request to be added to the October 2013 Detox and Yoga Challenge group.  Only members will be able to see that group or its posts.  I’ll share tips there, you can ask questions, we can share recipes, and we can all just support each other. 🙂



About meelswa

http://SpirituallyFitYoga.com, mom, wife, photographer, happily retired computer geek, 500hr E-RYT Tier 2 Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, Certified Yin Yoga Instructor (with Bernie Clark) and Certified YogaFit Kids Instructor. Nature girl, urban hippy, mermaid, indigo child . Reiki 2 practitioner, doTerra Wellness Advocate, Certified AromaTouch practitioner. Transitioned from fast-paced-corporate-computer-geekdom to life in the Pacific Northwest and back again in the Bay Area. Going with the flow, generating ease and calm teaching and practicing yoga and meditation, to balance the unexpected WTF curveballs of life!
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