Gratitude is trending right now, through many 30-days-of-gratitude challenges during November, or counting your blessings after being impacted by tragic news such as the devastating loss in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan devoured 10,000+ lives.

I am participating in this month’s gratitude challenge and also making my own small effort to raise funds and awareness towards helping the Philippines. Starting tonight through December, I will donate my teacher wages earned during all my classes taught at Kula Yoga in Port Angeles to charity. As a dollar figure, it may not amount to a large sum of money, but, making this simple dedication and intention towards relief efforts feels right to me.  And, if I can touch just one person’s heart to consider giving a little something then I will help contribute to that ripple effect of being part of a larger movement to help those in need.

In my yoga teaching and practice, to honor those that have left us, I will celebrate life, and be even more grateful for the gift of movement, breath and being present with my loved ones.


spread your love and light…

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