EQUANIMITY: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper

The theme for week 3 of our 40 Days to Personal Revolution is equanimity.  In case, any of you don’t know what the definition of this word is, like I didn’t, I wanted to share it with you, especially because before I knew the definition of this word, eqanimity is one of the major benefits I have received from practicing yoga.  One of the poses we do during the Equanimity section of our Journey into Power sequence is Eagle Pose or Garudasana. Here is a link about how to come into this pose, some modifications, and the benefits of eagle.  Bring equanimity into your yoga practice, and into your life.  Namaste…

e·qua·nim·i·tyEagle pose or garudasana
noun: equanimity
mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, esp. in a difficult situation.
“she accepted both the good and the bad with equanimity
synonyms: composure, calm, level-headedness, self-possession, coolheadedness, presence of mind;

serenity, tranquility, phlegm, imperturbability, equilibrium;
“she confronted the daily crises with equanimity”

spread your love and light…

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