I’ve learned that when I feel out of whack it’s because I’m out of alignment with my sacred self; I’ve let myself lose sight of my sacred path.  My body will tell me I’ve lost my way through exhaustion or foggy thinking or overall crankiness; I notice I’m not fit for public consumption and I need to do SOMETHING to steer myself back to my center. Often my mat and meditation cushion keep me at my true north and sometimes I need to dig deeper, and attend a workshop like the one I’m so excited to share with you!

In this empowering workshop I’ll teach you tools to define what sacred means to you, how to recognize when you’re on and off your sacred path, discover if you are pulling yourself out of alignment by habitual, subconscious choices, and how to create new life-affirming habits.  I’ll take you through a series of self-inquiry exercises,  journaling, meditation, pranayama, and gentle yoga.  The workshop will conclude with a yummy, relaxing yoga nidra (yogic sleep), which feel likes the best nap ever!

These tools work for me and I use them A LOT!  What’s possible is a life experienced with more ease, more energy, more joy;  less stress, less emotionally charged reactivity, less time and effort spent in activities, thoughts, and behaviors which drain your vitality and literally suck the life out of you.  Create your sacred path.  You are ready now!

Join me Saturday May 20th 1:30-3:30pm at Bikram Yoga Livermore
1923 Second St, Livermore, CA 94582
$25 or $30 day of the event.  

Register online at

May all beings experience life with ease…namaste,
Yogamama Meels

Workshop testimonials:

“…Amelia has taught me yoga from many , mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Not only does she have a grand grasp of the physicality of yoga and the body, but she’s very spiritual herself, thus weaves spirit into her teaching seamlessly. She’s trained in a strong style of Baron Baptiste and continues to study and teach with enthusiasm. Her latest workshop in 2017 was fabulous and effective! I highly recommend Amelia!” – Carolyn

“I love Amelia’s flow classes! She makes it challenging and fun and when I’m done I feel relaxed but energized. Her spiritual guidance during classes opens up new ways of thinking for me. I appreciate her so much! “ – Mary

“Practicing with Amelia has made me a better yoga student and more importantly, a yogi in tune with her soul and truth. I’m so grateful to have her as a guide along my path, making sure I have the tools to keep my compass pointing true.“ – Jamie



Amelia Andaleon is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and has customized her signature “Create Your Sacred Life on Purpose” workshop for this special women’s event at Bikram Yoga Livermore. Amelia is an empowering Baptiste Power Vinyasa instructor as well as teaches yin, restorative and kids yoga. She weaves storytelling and spirituality into her classes and leaves you feeling transformed and renewed. Amelia teaches at The Yoga Fusion in San Ramon, Baptiste Yoga San Francisco, Dublin Yoga Center, Bikram Yoga Livermore, local schools, private settings, and is also a reiki practitioner. Off her mat Amelia is a mom, wife, nature lover, ocean kayaker, surfer, and paddler. In a previous chapter of her life she worked in corporate IT and in 2006 she stepped onto her path as a yoga instructor and healer. She has traveled the world climbing mountains, has persevered health and life struggles, has been transformed by yoga and meditation, and views life as a beautiful, messy, sacred adventure.

spread your love and light…

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