Winter Solstice Meditation Script

During this shortest day of the year, and December full moon, enjoy this guided meditation to embrace the experience of darkness, to step away from external distractions, connect within, and release what no longer serves you. Release, empty out, and create space for freedom from suffering. Below is a short version of my Winter Solstice Guided Meditation Script.

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Feel free to use this script to offer your own meditation. Please give credit as Meditation Script by Amelia Andaleon, Thank you!

Winter Solstice Guided Meditation Script (short version)

Welcome to this Winter Solstice Meditation to release what no longer serves you.

Make yourself comfortable. Take a seat or lay down. Make the room as dark and quiet as possible. As an option, light one candle. If you are seated, make sure the soles of your feet touch the ground. If you are laying down, consider placing a cushion behind your knees to release any tension in your lower back. Being intentional in creating this time and space with purpose and loving-kindness is an important step in signaling to your body and brain that you are ready to meditate and receive the benefits of this practice of self-care.

Take five, slow deep breaths and observe how you are experiencing each inhale and exhale.

[allow space for silence]

Open your eyes and notice the darkness and light in your room. Notice the contrast between bright and dim. Observe without criticism or judgment. Breathe.

[allow space for silence]

If it’s comfortable for you, close your eyes and notice the bright and dim spots with your eyes closed. Observe with curiosity, no criticism, no judgment. Breathe.

[allow space for silence]

Welcome the darkness of this winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Observe your thoughts about this time of year, noticing as a way to check-in with yourself. No criticism, no judgment. Breathe.

[allow space for silence]

Shift your focus within, to notice what sensations and thoughts are present in this moment. Shift away from bright, shiny objects, away from external distractions or influences. Move towards the darkness to allow time to see yourself, notice yourself, and allow this opportunity to listen to the whispers and messages arising in this space. Breathe.

[allow space for silence]

Ask yourself “What do you want me to pay attention to right now?” Listen. Breathe.

[allow space for silence]

Take five slow deep breaths. Scan the body. Do you notice any tension in the body? If you notice any tension, send your attention and breath to that body part and tell yourself “It’s okay to relax. I give you permission to let go.” Take your time. Relax the whole body.

[allow space for silence]

Observe and notice, how do you feel? What is present in this moment? Ask yourself “Is there a pattern or habit or cause of suffering I am ready to let go of right now?” Listen. Breathe.

[allow space for silence]

Create your affirmations:

“I let go of _________________.”

Repeat this out loud 3 times, whisper it 3 times, repeat it silently 3 times.

Breathe deep. Observe and notice this experience of letting go.

[allow space for silence]

Repeat this three times out loud or silently:

“I release what no longer serves me, I release it into the darkness of this winter solstice. I create space for ease and welcome freedom from suffering.”

Continue in silent meditation for as long or as short as you wish. Receive this time to be with your experience, as it is, allowing whatever feelings or thoughts to arise, and integrate freedom and ease into your body, mind, and life.

[allow space for silence]

Place your hands on your heart and take five slow, deep breaths and press love, warmth and compassion into your whole being. Acknowledge and thank yourself for this time and space to release what no longer serves you. Namaste.

[end with bells or silence]

I’m here to empower you to get fit in body, mind and spirit! I’ll share tools and techniques to discover your strengths, inner wisdom, higher purpose, and channel your intuition through applying yoga, meditation, and energy healing to create your powerful, purposeful life!

– Amelia Andaleon

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