FREE 5-day Metta Challenge March 21-25

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❤️ More than ever we need to lean on our self-care practices to ease stress and shape a compassionate, grateful mindset.

❤️ I want to support you by sharing tools and techniques to nurture your body, mind, and soul in 30 minutes every morning next week! 🙏🏽❤️

❤️ Join my FREE 5-day Metta Challenge March 21-25! Metta means loving kindness or good will and I’ll lead you through sessions to cultivate metta towards yourself, others, and our planet. Participants in this challenge will receive a 50% discount off my Metta Mornings Program starting April 11th. See below.

❤️ Sign up to receive the zoom link to join me LIVE 7-730am PST/9-930am EST!! If you can’t join live you can follow along with an audio replay link emailed to you later that day.

❤️ Enjoy 30 minutes of:

✨ Intention setting
✨ Journaling
✨ Mindful movement
✨ Meditation

❤️ Let’s practice and spread metta, loving kindness, TOGETHER!! Tag your friends. Invite them to join you for this 5 days of self-care. 🙏🏽💓🧘🏾‍♀️


1) Because the struggles are real, and sometimes we need a nudge, a reminder and a community to cultivate a practice of self-care, to create a habit of mindfulness, to get out of bed and move our bodies, to focus on loving kindness, towards self and others. When we commit to a daily practice, starting with this 30 minutes a day, for 5 days in a row, it can move the needle towards creating habits which lead to an intentional mindset, optimal health, and a mindful lifestyle which aligns with our highest good.

2) Because I’ve noticed students find 60 minutes as a barrier to joining classes. I wanted to offer something doable which feeds body, mind, and soul in 30 minutes.

3) To offer you a free opportunity to experience a taste of my Metta Mornings Program and to honestly use this challenge as a beta test and to receive feedback from YOU.


If you are interested in continuing, participants who complete this challenge will receive a 50% discount to join my Metta Mornings Program starting April 11th. Same format, same time, 30 minutes, zoom live, with option to receive replay links. See below.


  • Same format as this Metta Challenge.
  • Runs April 11-April 30, 7am PST, 9am EST.
  • Monday to Friday live sessions, links to replays emailed to you daily PLUS pre-recorded sessions mailed to you for the weekend.
  • Each day will have a different theme following the overarching intention to cultivate metta and self-care.
  • On the last day, Saturday April 30th, you will receive a link to a final recorded session plus a PDF with quotes, affirmations, and journal prompts as a resource to motivate you and support your commitment to metta and self-care.
  • The VIDEO replays of the recorded Metta Mornings are yours forever, or until youtube goes away LOL These recordings will not be published publicly, replay links will only be sent to Metta Mornings students.
  • Note: During the FREE Metta Challenge the replay links will be for AUDIO recordings.
  • Full price for this 20-day program is $40 ($2/day) WOW!
  • For the Metta Challenge participants: $20 ($1/day). WOW WOW WOW!
  • Registration for the Metta Mornings Program opens Monday March 28th


Comment below. Send your questions to me via email info (at) or DM me at my instagram account @spirituallyfityoga.

Namaste 🙏🏽


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I’m here to empower you to get fit in body, mind and spirit! I’ll share tools and techniques to discover your strengths, inner wisdom, higher purpose, and channel your intuition through applying yoga, meditation, and energy healing to create your powerful, purposeful life!

– Amelia Andaleon

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