Pack a Pause, Not a Punch

My latest podcast includes my yoga response to the Oscars, about the slap watched around the world. I share my editorial comment on Will Smith’s angry reaction to Chris Rock’s comment directed towards Jada Pinkett-Smith. This is a case create a consistent meditation practice, to root yourself in mindfulness and ahimsa, to arm yourself with the mindset of a peaceful warrior: to pack a pause, not a punch. I end this episode with a meditation focused on ahimsa, non-violence, by cultivating a mindset of peace and calm. Compassion and blessings to all. Namaste.

Spring Cleaning for the Soul! Applying the Niyamas, Saucha, to Purify and Cleanse the Body, Mind, & Thoughts (Spiritually Fit Yoga with Amelia Andaleon) Spiritually Fit Yoga with Amelia Andaleon

Welcome to Spiritually Fit Yoga! 🌱 This episode is about Spring cleaning, yoga style! The second limb of yoga is the Niyamas. And, the first niyama is saucha, which is purification. Beyond our typical spring cleaning of clutter in our homes or preparing the soil to plant our gardens, another way to practice spring cleaning is through saucha, purification. From Deborah Adele’s “The Yamas & Niyamas – Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice” “Saucha invites us to purify our bodies, our thoughts, and our words.”“Whatever form purifying takes, it always begins with an intention to “lighten” the load we are carrying.”During this morning’s session on Insight Timer there were students ready to release control, guilt, grief, the past, the future, self-doubt, etc. It was a powerful session to reflect on what mental and emotional clutter to clear out. I referenced Deepak Chopra from his book “Living in the Light – Yoga for Self-Realization” from his chapter on the Niyamas. I highly recommend this book and the Week 2 chapter as a Spring Cleaning practice.Read/listen to the whole context of Deepak’s book. There is no toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing. So good! ✅ Let me know how your spiritual spring cleaning goes and drop me a comment or DM me!✅ Follow @spirituallyfityoga in instagram for more inspo✅ Visit ✅ Subscribe to my newsletter ✅ Apply for my 200hr YTT Yoga Teacher Training 😊 I love to learn and teach about the holistic practice of yoga, the physical practice, spiritual teachings, and how to apply this rich practice in our lives off the mat. Thanks for tuning in! Happy Spring Cleaning!Xo, Amelia ================================== If you appreciate my podcast, please leave me a rating and review to spread the word.  Hearing from you is encouraging and keeps me going! I now have a podcast membership! Shorter episodes will continue to be free on my podcast, longer ones can be heard by my members for just 99 cents/month. Your financial support covers my equipment and production costs, and my time to create these episodes.  Click here to subscribe to my podcast! ================================== Thank you to the sponsor of my podcast, ⁠⁠, the booking platform for my classes. is offering a 50% discount on the Annual Essentials Plan to listeners of my Spiritually Fit Yoga podcast!  Discount code: AMELIA, all in caps.   Ubindi is a simple, affordable solution to manage your bookings and payments. Try it for FREE for up to 50 students. — Send in a voice message:
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I’m here to empower you to get fit in body, mind and spirit! I’ll share tools and techniques to discover your strengths, inner wisdom, higher purpose, and channel your intuition through applying yoga, meditation, and energy healing to create your powerful, purposeful life!

– Amelia Andaleon

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