5 Tips to Celebrate Earth Day – April 22, 2022

I recently listened to a talk by Sadhguru and he asked that we stop thinking about our Earth, as a “resource”, and instead think of her as Source. Mother Earth is not to be exploited, mined, harvested, raked, drained, bought and sold; to be used without honor and respect, or without regard to sustainability or harmfully depleting her vitality and energy.

The eight limbs of Yoga provide guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. One of those limbs is the Yamas, the social ethics of a yoga lifestyle. And, one of the Yamas is Ahimsa, which asks us to do no harm, no violence, towards others, ourselves, all beings, and our planet. To care for our planet is the practice of yoga.

What if we treated our Earth as Source? She is a literal source of life, through the air we breathe, the nutrients in our soil which grows our food, the life force in our oceans and on our lands, in the foundations we build our homes and businesses, for our families to live, breathe, and die upon every single day.

Thank Mother Earth for providing for us and ask yourself:

How will I nourish and thank Mother Earth today?

How will I give back to Mother Earth today?

5 Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

  1. Eat a plant-based meal – start with once a week. Click here for free recipes.
  2. Bless your food and thank Mother Earth before your meals.
  3. Choose human-powered transportation. Bonus: nurture YOUR body and mind too!
  4. Make it a habit: carry a reusable, refillable water bottle. At your schools, advocate for water bottle filling stations. Grants are available. Research what is available in your state.
  5. Mother Earth generously provides for us. Be an advocate and a steward for loving kindness, metta, for our planet. Protect and nurture our habitat for ourselves, for our children, and beyond.

How will YOU celebrate Earth Day?

Nature is my sanctuary, it is where I often fill up with joy and pure life energy! I am grateful for Mother Earth today and always! And, I appreciate the reminders to be a better steward for her. I’d love to hear how you celebrate Earth Day and do your part to nourish our beautiful planet. Please share your comments below!

Thank you for being here!

Amelia Andaleon
Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Reiki Healer, Podcaster, mom, wife, adventurer, +++
Spiritually Fit Yoga, LLC

I’m here to empower you to get fit in body, mind and spirit! I’ll share tools and techniques to discover your strengths, inner wisdom, higher purpose, and channel your intuition through applying yoga, meditation, and energy healing to create your powerful, purposeful life!

– Amelia Andaleon

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