Manifest Mexico 2023!

Registration for Manifest Mexico with me April 1-7, 2023 at Villa Ananda in Punta de Mita, Click here to book your spot!

“This retreat was inspired & life changing!”


About Amelia Andaleon, your retreat leader!

I’m a small town Pacific Northwest nature-lover now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, founder and podcast host of Spiritually Fit Yoga, LLC.  I have over 1500 hours of yoga and meditation teacher training, and I train yoga teachers through my Registered Yoga School. I love teaching, mentoring, empowering, and leading yoga retreats! You can find me online through my recordings and live classes as an ๐ˆ๐ง๐ฌ๐ข๐ ๐ก๐ญ๐“๐ข๐ฆ๐ž๐ซ Publisher, in addition to my in-person classes, workshops, and retreats. If you haven’t met me yet, Insight Timer or my Spiritually Fit Yoga podcast are great places to see if you resonate with my vibe, and my yoga and meditation teaching style.

For ten years I’ve been an international yoga retreat leader and assistant at destination travel sites such as Thailand, Portugal, Mexico, and stunning nature-filled landscapes in the US!  I’m a true Sagittarius and love adventure, travel, and people! I’m one of those introvert-extroverts. Although most might not guess I’m an introvert, based on how I teach my power vinyasa classes and how energized I am during adventure outings, honoring my need to slow down and be quiet is my way of staying balanced and conserving my energy. During free time when I’m not teaching group or private sessions, you may find me recharging my batteries by myself, reading a book on the beach, taking a paddleboard on the water, or joining small group conversations or a spirited game of Scrabble (I’m a word geek! Wanna’ play a game? I’m in!)

I teach yoga and meditation because I love to share what could make others feel better in their bodies, minds and lives.ย  To be of service to others is my passion. Yoga brings out the softer, compassionate, go-with-the-flow version of me…which benefits all, especially my husband, teenager, and pup.ย  You might meet my family on retreat sometime. They are a fun addition to the group! I WISH I could bring my yoga pup too! Kobe, you’d LOVE him! I share the tools, techniques, philosophy, and insight which profoundly impact me personally, on the mat and especially off the mat with my family, relationships, and work.

Yoga retreats allow me to incorporate my passion for international travel and nature. I love the outdoors and I have decades of experience as a hiking, backpacking and sea kayaking guide. Nature is my sanctuary, it’s where I get clarity and fill up my spiritual tank. My retreats always include the elements of nature and I have a special affinity for water, especially the ocean. In my family we have a running joke about asking mom “What do you prefer, the ocean or the mountains?” To which I always answer “BOTH! Why do I have to choose when I can have both?!” My hometown is Port Angeles, WA – “where the mountains greet the sea.” However, when I really have to choose, I pick water: ocean, lakes, rivers. You’ll find that many of my venues include water elements and the theme of vinyasa, to be fluid, at ease, to flow like water.

I care about supporting you on your journey to self through yoga teachings and by choosing beautiful retreat venues! When you book your retreat package, I ask each student what their expectations are of the retreat and of me as the retreat leader. Whether it’s empowering you to face fears through crow pose or an adventurous excursion and/or supporting your intention to rest, relax, and enjoy nutritious delicious food, or dive deep into personal growth and the spiritual teachings of yoga philosophy; I customize my yoga retreats for each specific group.

I tend to keep my retreats small because I prefer the dynamic of groups of 25 or less; Easier for me to manage and allows me to make time to be present with each student, and for private yoga or coaching sessions upon request.

Booking a retreat might be a clear, easy decision for you or it may be something brand new and feel like stepping out of your comfort zone. I’ve had students who are seasoned travellers and “retreaters”, some have never attended a retreat, others who have never travelled internationally, and students who were brand to me and we met for the first time at the retreat venue. I’m confident welcoming and connecting with all kinds of students and a variety of asana experience.

Check out these retreats and book your spot!

If you have questions, click here to email me and ask away!


Amelia Andaleon

“My getaway in April with Spiritually Fit Yoga was fulfilling on many levels. I loved the two locations, each stunning, the food was fantastic, the people were radiant…and the yoga classes were in beautiful locations and felt great…”


Amelia Andaleon
Empowering you to channel your intuition, discover your inner wisdom, and apply yoga, meditation, and energy healing to create your powerful, purposeful life!

Check out these retreats and book your spot!

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