Lion’s Gate Portal

Right now manifestation energies are amplified by the Lion’s Gate Portal, July 26-Aug 8th. Here are a few tips to take advantage of this powerful time.

Lion’s Gate Portal Practices

  • Meditate every day, under the sun.
  • Absorb your light codes/divine messages..
  • Set your intentions.
  • Get still.
  • Listen.
  • Journal
  • Raise your vibrations – do what makes you smile and feel connected to Oneness.
  • Unhook from energies that don’t serve you.
  • Create time for reiki, crystals, pull cards
  • Wear and focus on the color yellow and the solar plexus chakra
  • Crystals: Citrine, amplify with Quartz
  • Nourish, hydrate, sleep – extra
  • Let your inner lion radiate and roar!

Daily Affirmation

🦁I am strong
🦁I am brave
🦁I am love

Numerology – the meaning of the number 8

Every year the Lion’s Gate Portal reaches its peak on August 8th, 8/8. In numerology the number 8 is associated with power, strength, confidence, freedom, self-reliance, prosperity and compassion. The Angel number 8 reveals that the days ahead will be filled with happiness and joy. The number 8 is believed to be the luckiest number in China because ‘8’ is associated with wealth. (Sources: Google)

I’m a Sagittarius but, I’ve always resonated with Leo energy. My last name “Andaleon” means “walk like a lion.” Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a special affinity to lions and, now I know Leos and Sags are both fire signs! And, even before I knew anything at all about astrology or numerology, I’ve always loved the weeks during the Lion’s Gate Portal, especially around August 4-8. Fascinating.

Consider paying extra attention to self-care and setting your intentions.

Happy Manifesting!


spread your love and light…

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