FREE online meditation & yoga class with me TUESDAY 330pm PST on Insight Timer

🧘🏾📿Join me for this FREE 45 min online class on the Insight Timer app! Tuesdays 330pm PST. Download the Insight Timer app or watch online. Click here to join for free!

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Slow flow vinyasa class. Class starts with meditation and ends with savasana. Mindful movement for all levels.


Abundance flows to me and through me.

I cannot fully receive the abundance and blessings of life with a clenched fist. I release the need to control life. I lean into trust and faith; I loosen my grip. I open my palms, my heart and mind.

I shift my attention away from my frets and worries. With my vision on reality, aware of the present moment, I turn my focus on an expanded, enlightened outlook of my life and how I can be of service to others with compassion and empathy.

I allow life to flow into me and through me.
I am in the flow of life.
I am flow.
I am connected to _ Oneness, Spirit, Source, Creator, to the many names and unnamed energy that connects us all.

Deep breaths…
Reflect, sit, write.

  • What is my higher purpose?
  • How will my thoughts and behavior flow with my higher purpose today?

Deep breaths…
Reflect. Receive.

I am grateful.
I am at ease.
Abundance flows to me and through me.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

I’m here to empower you to get fit in body, mind and spirit! I’ll share tools and techniques to discover your strengths, inner wisdom, higher purpose, and channel your intuition through applying yoga, meditation, and energy healing to create your powerful, purposeful life!

– Amelia Andaleon

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Current 2023 Retreats available for booking!

Greece Wellness Retreat! Santorini and Crete June 13-20, 2023

Stay tuned for 2024/2025 Retreat Schedule!

spread your love and light…

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