Simple Self-Care Practices (1-5 minutes)!

“I just want to simplify my life. I don’t have enough time in my day to do EVERYTHING that needs to be done! I just want to go to the beach and relax…ugh, in my dreams!”  Do you find yourself repeating thoughts like these, in the midst of adulting, keeping up with modern technology, caring for family and home.  When we’re not mindful the wakeup call for self-care might go off when feel hangry, grumpy or we literally get sick. “Oh yeah, I need to remember to take care of myself too…but, where is the time for that?”

Self-care rituals actually create time, by keeping us focused and on track. When we run ourselves ragged, operating on fumes with sleep-deprived caffeinated brains, it actually takes us longer to get through our days. And, in the long run, it just wears us out. We might not always be able to get to the beach every day (and, if you can, bless you…enjoy it!), yet we can create rituals and habits close to home that we can do every day. And, that place you’ve been daydreaming about, add that to your calendar…make it happen!


Caring for body, brain, and mindset is like this fable about a tortoise and hare. Imagine your day as a maze. The starting spot is your morning, the finish line is your evening. From the starting spot you can’t see the finish line. The hare wakes up running, bumping into walls, feeling his way through the maze, moving but, not sure if the motion is forward, backwards or sideways. He knows there is an end but, doesn’t have any idea what it looks like or how to get there. The tortoise, sits at the same starting spot and breathes. She notices there is a telescope which lets her see high above the maze. She looks. She observes. She sees a clear path to the end. She plans her journey and mindfully, easefully makes her way to the finish line. Eventually, the hare shows up, exhausted and irritated that the tortoise is already there, rested and peaceful. How is that possible? In this allegory, which one are you? Do you want to be the tortoise or the hare?

Taking time to nourish body and mindset creates calm and adds time to your days.

Amelia Andaleon

Here are a few simple self-care rituals from morning to evening. Add any or all to your day. Practice them all from morning to night for a whopping total of 20 minutes! I promise, these rituals don’t take time, they actually will create time! And, want to meditate longer? Absolutely! 20-30 minutes once or twice a day would be wonderful. Want something bite-size and simple, try these 1-5 minute rituals.



  • Set your timer for one minute (I use Insight Timer with the meditation bells)
  • Take a deep breath in
  • Reach your arms up
  • Fill up with the blessings of this morning moment
  • Smile
  • Exhale your palms to your heart.
  • Breathe in “I choose a path of ease.”
  • Breathe out “I am an instrument of peace.” 
  • Repeat 3-5 times.
  • End: “Thank you. I am blessed. It’s going to be a good day.” 🙏🏽❣️


  • Bring to mind 3 things you are grateful for upon awakening.
  • Set your intention for this day.
  • Stay for 5 slow deep breaths OR
  • Set a timer for your desired meditation.

LEMON LISTING  (5 minutes)

  • Before your coffee/caffeine/food, drink warm/hot lemon water *
  • Sip and breathe slowly while you journal
  • List and prioritize your top 3 tasks for the day
  • Carry that list with you to keep you focused throughout the day


  • Ideally, after work, before dinner.
  • Bring to mind anything you want to release from your day, that you do not want to bring home to others, or anything you do not want to carry into your evening.
  • Write down what can be done tomorrow, then set it down. Let it go for today.
  • Slow deep breaths.
  • Set a timer for your desired meditation.

* 7 Major Health Benefits of Lemon Water, According to Experts

  • It stabilizes your appetite. …
  • It revs up your energy. …
  • It protects your cells. …
  • It promotes clear skin. …
  • It controls bloating. …
  • It aids with weight loss. …
  • It helps kick kidney stones to the curb.

Let me know how these rituals work for you! Leave a comment. Share this post!

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– Amelia Andaleon

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