Fall Shows Us The Beauty Of Letting Go

Fall shows us the beauty of letting go. 🧡🍁

Is there something feeling unsteady or pulling you away from your center? Are you experiencing friction and struggle with a situation, expectation, or relationship which constantly seems challenging? Is it time to change things up or let go?

Journal Prompts – Status Quo or Let Go?

Ask yourself these soul-searching questions:

1. Is my reaction to this challenge keeping me in a state of angst and suffering?

2. Do I really need to get so worked up about this situation?

3. Am I responding from my highest self?

4. Is it time to step away to reflect and reframe my mindset?

5. Can I honestly be my authentic best self, aligned to my dharma and purpose, in this situation?

6. Is it time to explore a different path, aligned with my high vibing frequency and soul’s purpose, laced with ease, support, kindness, love, joy, and light?

7. What choice will lead me to freedom from suffering, personal growth, and alignment to my higher purpose?

Meditate. Get still. Listen.

Create some time and space to separate yourself from the emotions around the struggle.

Listen to my latest 15 minute podcast episode “Fall Meditation to Let Go.” 🎙

Letting Go Series: Fall Meditation (Spiritually Fit Yoga with Amelia Andaleon) Spiritually Fit Yoga with Amelia Andaleon

Welcome to the Spiritually Fit Yoga podcast!  Enjoy this short meditation to let go, with ease, like the autumn leaves falling from the transitioning trees. "We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." – Joseph Campbell Blessings and Peace Out, Amelia Diaz Andaleon Questions?  Connect with me!   DM me on Instagram at @spirituallyfityoga, facebook, and on my website http://SpirituallyFitYoga.com. ================================== Yoga and Wellness Retreats with me in 2023! $300 off Costa Rica & Greece when you book by October 1, 2022! Click here for more info and to book your week to nourish your body, mind and soul! Thank you for being here! I'd love to hear how these episodes are working for you! Please subscribe to my podcast, share it with friends, and leave me a rating and review!  I appreciate your feedback…thank you! Subscribe to my newsletter! Book a FREE Discovery zoom call with me!   Learn more about becoming a yoga teacher, deepening your practice, and getting certified through me!  ================================== Thank you to the sponsor of my podcast, http://ubindi.com, which is the platform I use to manage bookings for my classes.  Ubindi.com is offering a 50% discount on the Annual Essentials Plan to listeners of this Spiritually Fit Yoga podcast!  Check out with discount code AMELIA, all in caps.  Check out these simple tools for happy teachers. Ubindi makes it easy for freelance teachers to manage students, reservations, payments, attendance, emails, and more. You can sign up for free to manage classes for 50 students or less, or take advantage of the generous 50% discount to manage unlimited students! — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/spirituallyfityoga/message

Is it me?

It might be that you just can’t seem to extricate yourself from reacting in a harmful way, towards yourself or the other. Just notice. Step into a space of curiosity without criticism. Be open to learn, grow and acknowledge yourself for being willing to move towards your evolved self.

Is it the situation?

Or, it might be that the circumstance is like a messy, sticky, dead-end and your time in that place has expired. Expiration dates exist for a reason, because when we stay too long, we can experience dis-ease. Nothing is meant to stay the same forever. Turn the page. New chapter. New book. Time to move on. Feel the loss. Don’t judge yourself if you grieve something that no longer serves you. Change and transition can be heart breaking. Be tender with yourself. Seek community. Seek support from those skilled to guide you during difficult times.

There is freedom in letting go.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Whether it’s a pause to reset or time to make a u-turn, ask your highest self to guide you. Keep it status quo? Same approach, same results. Choose to try again with an enlightened perspective, a different approach? Different choreography, new dance. Clean slate? New, path, new possibilities. Just remember, the thing that is always constant, is you, and your reactions.

Breathe. Choose mindfully. Consult divine guidance. That might be the recipe you need to create your path to ease, not necessarily easy, but, to an experience of ease.

May you let go with ease, like the autumn leaves falling from the transitioning trees. The trees know when it’s time to conserve their energy and hibernate, and draw their energy up from their roots connected deep into what nourishes them and offers stability. And, the leaves let go, when the tap to their source of vitality turns off.

Breathe deep. Exhale as you let go, inhale deeply into the space of freedom and ease, created after clearing out what’s felt heavy and draining for too long. Let that shit go. 🍁

Check your sources. If the electricity shuts off at your house, would you plug into an outlet and expect it to give you power? Plug into true sources of vitality and nourishment. Stop tapping into empty sources and dry wells.

Compassion is healing.

If you discover it’s time to cut a cord and free yourself from a low vibration situation, let go with compassion for all involved, especially towards yourself.

Free yourself from harm. Welcome love and healing. Suffering is inevitable, misery is optional.

I support your path to liberation from suffering.

Here’s to letting go with ease 🙏🏽


Photo Credit: SpirituallyFitYoga.com, Amelia Andaleon

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