Crescent Warrior Variations – Yoga Tip of the Day! (ashta chandrasana)

Who loves Crescent Warrior?  And, purple? I was feeling very purple today!

I love these variations which make me feel strong and grounded in lower body and open and soft in my upper spine and heart.

What is the sanskrit name for Crescent Warrior (aka High Lunge)?

Ashta Chandrasana

Ashta Chandrasana means Eighth of the Moon Pose, which is why this is often called Crescent Pose (as in a crescent moon). When in the backbend variation you can see the shape slightly resembles a crescent moon.

What is Anjaneyasana?

Anjaneyasana is the sanskrit term for Crescent Lunge pose, with the back knee on the ground.


Tips for getting into Crescent Warrior – Ashta Chandrasana:

  • Front foot at 12 o’clock, press the four mounds of your foot into the ground.
  • Ball of the back foot press firm into the mat
  • Reach your arms up to the ceiling
  • Stabilize the lower back by engaging your lower abs (Rectus Abdominis and Transverse Abdominis muscles (TVAs)
  • Breath with a steady gaze in front of you


  • Bend your elbows to 90 degrees
  • Elbows at shoulder height
  • Keep elbows bent and open up the front of your chest
  • Keep core engaged
  • Breathe with a steady gaze in front of you


  • Keep elbows bent and open up the front of your chest
  • Keep core engaged
  • Anchor both feet into ground for a strong steady base
  • Slowly press your sternum up towards the ceiling.
  • Lift up through the thoracic spine (upper spine)
  • Slowly move upper torso up and back
  • Keep lower back and sacrum stable by engaging the core
  • Breathe with a steady gaze as you balance and move into this yummy backbend.

What are your favorite variations in this pose?

Questions? Comments?

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