Yoga Reflections on Earth Day 2023 & Ayurveda Doshas

In general, I’m not a huge holiday person and yet this past weekend I noticed I was making a big deal about Earth Day posting more than I normally do on my instagram stories & reels. It wasn’t so much that I love the celebration, it’s more that I appreciate nature, our planet, and when I hear the question “What makes you want to wake up in the morning?” my answer often involves “Nature.” Whether I imagine being at the beach, breathing the fresh air, feeling inspired by beautiful creatures and landscapes, or lately enjoying natural phenomenons like the spring wildflower superblooms, nature has always been a big source of happiness and calm in my life!

Click here to learn more about Earth Day.

The California poppies are popping!

During my yoga teacher trainings I learned about ayurveda, which literally means “science of life”, and how much nature is part of living your yoga. Being a nature lover, ayurveda just made so much sense to me. And, even without taking a dosha quiz to find out my constitution, I already knew I resonated with water, the ocean, and I had fire in my personality. You’ll notice I post a lot about nature, and always host my yoga retreats near the water, oceans, lakes, rivers. Water calms me, energizes me, and even when I’m feeling so tired, somehow the ocean has a way of recharging me just by sitting and watching the waves. And, connecting to the fire element, from the sun. No wonder I tend to love tropical, warm places! This island girl just knows what makes her happy!

Side note: no pics but, we saw a whale this weekend! Our planet is full of magical creatures, including ourselves!

Is it obvious to you which elements of nature make you feel connected, grounded, energized? Is it one or several?

The Five Elements of Nature (Pancha Bhutas)

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Space

I’ve listened to various ayurveda teachers and some suggest taking a quiz to determine your dosha, others say all you need to do is pay attention to what brings you vitality or what depletes you to discover your dosha on your own. I have adopted both approaches.

Nature is a great teacher. Make time to connect to the natural world and reflect on what you discover about yourself when you listen deeply to the wisdom of nature.

For those of you curious about ayurveda, check out this website and take this dosha quiz at

A few more reasons why I care about celebrating Earth Day:

  • To practice ahimsa, non-violence, and lovingkindness towards Mother Nature
  • Because Earth is our home. It can be easy to take that for granted. Do you take care of cleaning your house, tuning up your car, getting physicals at the doctor, or making sure you have the most updated technology for your phone and computers? What about keeping our planet clean, healthy, nurtured?
  • When we care for our planet, we ultimately take care of ourselves.

Earth Day is every day.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts. How did you celebrate Earth Day? What are your suggestions for caring for our planet? Share below.

Much love and compassion,

Amelia Andaleon, Spiritually Fit Yoga

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