Grief: the loss of a person, place or thing.

RIP Hurricane Ridge Day Lodge (burned down May 7, 2023)

One of my favorite childhood sanctuaries burned down yesterday, the day lodge at Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park in my hometown, Port Angeles WA. Loss can be experienced with the passing of people, pets, and even places.

Even if I practice the philosophy of temporary moments, it doesn’t mean there is no pain or suffering when we lose something we’ve loved dearly. 

After the shock of hearing the news yesterday I’m reminded that shakti energy can destroy and prepare space for creation of something new.

Can we grieve and be hopeful at the same time? Yes, it’s possible.  And, allow time and space to feel the grief before rushing to the future.  It might be tempting to avoid the pain but remember, the way out is through.

No lie, I’m a bit surprised how sad I am about a building be gone and I realize it’s the memories which are making me ache. My first sight of the magnificent Mount Olympus, my first hot cocoa and decades later watching my daughter’s toddler eyes light up at her first steamy wintry hot chocolate. The lodge with its great brick fireplace (before they replaced it with the teeny wood stove), provided warmth after many a cross-country skiing or snow shoeing trek. In high school I used to bring my homework and sit and study in a corner while tourists from around the world would chatter in awe, sit through the short movie in the tiny theater, and take countless photos of the mountains, deer, and occasionally a black bear. My daughter Nora touched snow for the first time at Hurricane Ridge and learned about the flora, fauna, and topography of Olympic National Park at the lodge’s humble visitor center. The loss of this place has flooded me me with a flashback of memories. I feel the ache of not being able to experience THAT again…and I am so grateful I was able to experience those moments in the first place.

How would it feel if we could experience life as if it could be the last time? Would we appreciate it more? Is it morbid or enlightening?

Loss is a great reminder to experience what you love, when you can, whether it’s people, places or things, because you never know if it could all just become ashes one day. And, honestly, everything is temporary, enjoy the present moment now while you can.

To all who loved this place, I say “I’m sorry for your loss.” It was iconic for so many of us. And, it’s okay to feel sad about the destruction of a building, and the memories it held for you.

RIP Hurricane Ridge Day Lodge built in 1952 burned down May 7, 2023.

I attached are a few of my photos taken of the lodge. Photo above taken in January 2013, below in September 2012.

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