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  • Grief: the loss of a person, place or thing.

    Grief: the loss of a person, place or thing.

    One of my favorite childhood sanctuaries burned down yesterday, the day lodge at Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park in my hometown, Port Angeles WA. Loss can be experienced with the passing of people, pets, and even places. Even if I practice the philosophy of temporary moments, it doesn’t mean there is no pain or…

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  • Magical Turtle Encounter! Snorkeling with Honu.

    Magical Turtle Encounter! Snorkeling with Honu.

    Nature feeds my soul, especially at the ocean. Add in warm water, magical sea creatures, and I’m in heaven. I took this Go Pro video but, it’s not so bueno since I accidentally recorded it on time warp mode. I tried to slow it down but, it’s still choppy. Such a bummer because the video…

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  • Week One #projectseemyface – 7 Tips to Create Content

    Want to overcome camera shyness? Gain camera confidence? Get comfortable talking to the camera? Follow along for tips and join #projectseemyface on instagram @spirituallyfityoga

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  • Fall Shows Us The Beauty Of Letting Go

    Fall Shows Us The Beauty Of Letting Go

    Fall shows us the beauty of letting go. 🧡🍁 Is there something feeling unsteady or pulling you away from your center? Are you experiencing friction and struggle with a situation, expectation, or relationship which constantly seems challenging? Is it time to change things up or let go? Journal Prompts – Status Quo or Let Go?…

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  • Yoga Surf Retreat – Punta de Mita, Mexico (highlight reel)

    Yoga Surf Retreat – Punta de Mita, Mexico (highlight reel)

    Interested in my next Yoga Oceanfront Yoga Retreat? Click here!

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  • November Full Moon Release Ritual – Mantra and Affirmations

    Join me for a free Yoga and Meditation class on Insight Timer on Saturday November 20, 2021 8-9am PST/11am-12pm EST. Click here to join. The latest partial lunar eclipse came around like a celebrity or ancient sage, because the last time it occurred was 500 years ago.  Click here to learn more: what is a…

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  • Yoga Hike – Saturday Nov. 6, 2022

    A few spots are left for the next Yoga Hike with me in the East Bay! Limited space for these special outings to connect with body, mind, nature, and community. Details and online registration here. These pics were from the October Yoga Hike on a crisp fall day after a steep hike to a sweet…

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  • Sunset Warrior – Yoga Is Your Superpower!

    Determination to see the sunset is my magic. Trusting in Spirit keeps hope afloat. ✨✨✨ How to stay positive and keep the faith when life seems like a shit-show? Seeing the atrocities in Afghanistan or clashes over Covid or feeling overwhelmed by daily everyday challenges, could tempt me to escape reality, and just say f*ck…

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  • Cool Down!

    Hot summer temps getting to you? Get wet! Run through the sprinklers, jump in a lake, SUP Yoga, float down a river, swim in the ocean, bathe under a waterfall! Hydrate! Add electrolytes like a pinch of pink himalayan sea salt or juice of a lemon or lime. Blue! Wear and look at colors in…

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