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  • 15 minute Yoga to Wake Up and Feel Good!

    Sometimes a short morning stretch is just what the body and mind needs to wake up and start your day with intention and gratitude. My latest audio recording lets you mindfully move right from the comfort of your bed or on your yoga mat. Enjoy this 15 minute Good Morning Gratitude Yoga on my podcast…

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  • Yoga Video: Awaken & Release – Yoga for Beginners

    Click here for my latest yoga video on my YouTube Channel. No downward dogs in this yoga class. Move and breathe slowly, release tension in the neck, shoulders, hips, legs…the whole body. For this class grab your yoga mat and as an option, a blanket. Enjoy!

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  • INTRO TO YOGA – 4 weekly sessions Feb 4-25, 2021

    Are you or someone you know curious about yoga but, you don’t even know where to start, you might not even have a yoga mat or feel intimidated or lost? This series is for you! Why am I offering this course? Years ago I heard my papa say “I should try that yoga thing sometime,…

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