Week of March 15th – Spring Forward…Wake Up! Master Yoga Class with Baron Baptiste and Spring Women’s Retreat!

It feels like the morning struggles again, with life on daylight savings time requesting I wake up before my natural time clock. I thought I was loving my mornings then just that one hour earlier reminded me how I used to resist waking up and wanting to press snooze. Raise your hand if you can relate! 🙋🏽‍♀️

So what did I do? I woke up!! To break a habit it starts with noticing, catching yourself in the familiar thoughts and physical reactions. Then choose…go down that same road or switch it up, change the channel, do something different!

My Spiritually Fit Yoga circle on the Insight Timer app hosts weekday meditations and yoga, Monday-Friday 730am PST and 930pm PST. I queued up I AM Affirmations for Vibrant Health by Kenneth Soares and kept my commitment to meditate at 730am PST.

Stick to new morning meditation habit: 1

Snooze and grumble OLD habit: 0

I confess, the temptation was strong, to press that snooze button, and right now I really need my daily routine. It means a lot to me to commit to my self-care, to my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Setting the tone of my day with affirmations, and ending my evenings with gratitude, are my medicine. Especially with the isolation of this last year, my mind has had too much time to indulge in doubts and fears.

Mindfulness, yoga, remembering to serve a highest good…they keep me going, in equanimity, and are my preventative measures against self-sabotage.

Meditation can lead you into the light of awareness.


Life is the great teacher. What lesson are you being asked to learn today? What is trying to get your attention right now?

Opportunities to WAKE UP!! Click here to check out my full yoga schedule!

Yoga Highlights this week!!

Monday 4-530pm PST FREE 90 min. Master class with my teacher, Baron Baptiste!! Journey into Power, led by the founder of Baptiste Yoga. Book your spot here!

Spring Women’s Yoga Retreat – Awaken Your Feminine Power is this weekend!! In person spots are full and I am opening up virtual spots. Added discounts when paying with Venmo or Paypal and if you bring friends. Email me if interested in a discounted virtual spot! 😊

Latest Podcast Episode: Guided Meditation for Rest and Deep Sleep

🙏🏽💚 CHOOSE, pay attention, keep going.💚🙏🏽

The humanity in me honors the humanity in you.

🙏🏽 💞🦋 Amelia Andaleon

Awaken Your Feminine Power – Spring Yoga Retreat March 19-20, 2021

(Looking for my class schedule? Click here)

Join me for this Women’s Spring Yoga Retreat to AWAKEN YOUR FEMININE POWER!

This virtual yoga retreat allows you to join in from the convenience of your home, or maybe a getaway to carve out more time for self-care! Book your spot here!

This 5 hour retreat is offered over TWO DAYS:

  • March 19th FRIDAY 6-8pm PST Welcome, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Journaling
  • March 20th SATURDAY 9am-12pm PST Welcome back! Pilates, Inquiry, Vinyasa, Creativity Exercise, Blessing

Your Passionate, Awakened Yoga Instructors!

This yoga retreat will be led by me, Amelia Andaleon, Certified Baptiste Vinyasa instructor, Certified Yin Yoga Instructor, Reiki 2 Practitioner, Meditation and Yoga Nidra Teacher. More about me on my About page.

I’m excited to collaborate with my guest teacher, friend, and beautiful goddess, Praveena Chinthaluri, Certified Pilates Instructor, who will lead us through an empowering Pilates class!

About Praveena Chinathaluri: Praveena is very passionate and an avid practitioner of pilates and yoga. She is a certified 500 hour Comprehensive Pilates Instructor with Balanced Body.  She is also a registered 200 hr yoga alliance teacher, a certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor and certified restorative yoga teacher. Her philosophy towards teaching pilates and yoga is to pay attention to alignment and form, technique and breath work that help students develop a deep understanding of their bodies and movement patterns. She believes in providing a safe space for students to explore and strengthen their mind and bodies. 

http://yogawithpraveena.com, Instagram: @yogaandpilateswithpraveena

Guest Teacher, Certified Pilates Instructor, Praveena Chinthaluri

Invest in yourself and your self-care!

One benefit of virtual yoga retreats is the affordability!

I believe in supporting and empowering ALL women. For those of you who can pay, yes, please pay. There is a power in energy exchanges and an increased accountability when you express your value and appreciation for something through payments. It enables me to provide my offerings and boosts my personal power when I receive your expressions of gratitude. Thank you!

AND…If finances seem challenging right now, PLEASE reach out to me and I will work with you. If you feel like you need this retreat right now, I want you to experience it. No judgment. No questions asked. I am here to empower you. Email me at amelia (at) spirituallyfityoga.com.

I am SO EXCITED to offer this women’s yoga retreat! This will be an amazing 5 hours for you dedicate time for self-care and energize what you wish to bring forth and manifest in your life! Blessings, Amelia Andaleon


Join Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Influencer, Amelia Andaleon, for a yoga and surf adventure of a lifetime!  Daily morning vinyasa, evening yin and meditation, on our private oceanfront yoga shala to the sights and sounds of the waves. Our retreat is hosted at Hotel Komune, a stunning oceanfront eco-friendly resort on Keramas Beach with world-class surfing, and set apart from the dense resort area.  It’s a luxury property with a fitness health hub, spa services, pools, serves up organic farm to table meals, and is  both perfect for a romantic getaway or family-friendly vacation.

Learn more about our beautiful venue here:  



Book your trip of a lifetime here! Earlybird discounts are available as well as payment options via venmo, cash or check. Email me at amelia@spirituallyfityoga.com or call me at 360-808-0074 with questions.

Book now!


January 2017 – sunset yoga Kauai, Hawaii

Seven years ago I attended a yoga retreat where I set an intention to manifest my dream. After being led through a process of inquiry and, making a declaration in the present tense, I simply wrote “I am a yoga teacher.”  Four days after my retreat I was invited to sub a yoga class, although I had not yet started my yoga teacher training (I was a certified fitness instructor.)  It didn’t matter, I taught anyway, rocked the class, and I began my path as a yoga teacher.  Was that coincidence?  Abolutely not!  There is power in putting out energy for what you want, and what I asked for was a “job” which allowed me to connect to my sacred path and support others in walking in their sacred footsteps.  Duh! Yoga!

My teaching path has led me more towards the spiritual aspect of yoga, through the physicality of flowing and holding yoga poses (asana.) When I teach from my heart, and see my students, I sense  I am in my greatest flow when I connect to why I really teach: I teach because I care. I believe in namaste: May all beings be free of suffering.   I’ve experienced my share of suffering, and in life, suffering happens…shit happens.  Yoga, meditation, and rewiring my brain has taught me to sift through the crap and go with the flow.  I speak to this often in my classes and craft workshops dedicated to releasing self-limiting beliefs and choosing and generating an experience of ease.  In this moment, in this chapter of my life, I feel called to spread the news that contentment, joy, laughter and love are possible and there is a way out of the muck of depression, anxiety, and despair.  I KNOW this to be true.  I’ve been there and I do the work to choose the path of least resistance instead of my old pattern of wallowing in the muck.  And, now I’m equipped with tools to pull me out of the muck although I just don’t go there as often anymore.  Nonetheless, my tools are at the ready, like a best friend throwing me a life-line if I notice I’ve dipped my toe into old, familiar yuk.  Get the fuck out of the yuk.

Last Saturday’s Create Your Sacred Life On Purpose workshop was all about sharing those tools.  The participants did the work to release the old, energize the new, and left with tools to notice the yuk, choose the clear path, play big and manifest their heart’s desires! To witness transformation in my students leaves me feeling like I’m on the right track…I’m spreading namaste and leading my sacred life on purpose! Yes!

Some reviews left by my amazing students:

Amazing teacher!
I love Amelia’s flow classes! She makes it challenging and fun and when I’m done I feel relaxed but energized. Her spiritual guidance during classes opens up new ways of thinking for me. I appreciate her so much!
– Mary

Amelia’s the Best!
Amelia is an excellent teacher. Very upbeat, friendly, knowledgeable and caring. She is an inspiration as she is so healthy and strong.
– Karen

Excellent, knowledgeable, professional
I know Amelia, as she has taught me yoga from many aspects..physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Not only does she have a grand grasp of the physicality of yoga and the body, but she’s very spiritual herself, thus weaves spirit into her teaching seamlessly. She’s trained in a strong style of Baron Baptiste and continues to study and teach with enthusiasm. Her latest workshop in 2017 was fabulous and effective! I highly recommend Amelia!
– Carolyn

Practicing with Amelia has made me a better yoga student and more importantly, a yogi in tune with her soul and truth. I’m so grateful to have her as a guide along my path, making sure I have the tools to keep my compass pointing true.
– Jamie

Stay tuned for my next workshop.  

Spread your love and light!

Yogamama Meels
Namaste. May all beings be happy and free.  May all beings be without suffering.

My sacred place.  Another beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Jan. 2017 Kauai, Hawaii


Spots are still available for the May 18th yoga retreat at Kula Yoga in Port Angeles! And, Kula Yoga members, get $10 off…so $40 for this five hour retreat!  Learn how to get into inversions, sweat and get powerful in a 90 minute Journey into Power sequence (following the Baptiste power yoga flow), enjoy a healthy detox lunch, then relax with yin yoga and yoga nidra.  RSVP to Amelia at amelia@spirituallyfityoga.com or call 360-808-0074.

2014 Yoga Retreat with Amelia Andaleon in Port Angeles May 18th at Kula Yoga studio.

2014SpirituallyFit_YogaRetreatFlyer-Kula (feel free to download and share this PDF file)



Due to the request from several guys I’m offering a coed yoga event instead of another women’s yoga retreat. SUNDAY MAY 18TH 10AM-3PM at Kula Yoga in Port Angeles. The cost is $50 per person.

The theme of this retreat is about inviting abundance, thinking and dreaming big, opening your heart and mind to possibilities, and giving yourself permission to play! Give yourself the gift of time to listen to your heart, get playful and adventurous through a power yoga practice, and allowing yummy, juicy release of tension, blocked energy, and tightness by inviting openness, softness and compassion through an introspective yin yoga session. Indulge in some “me” time and connect with some new yogi friends!

We will workshop more advanced poses like handstands. jumping back from crow into chatauranga, tripod headstand, etc. Then we will incorporate them into a fun, energizing 90 min power yoga practice. A healthy, tasty, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free lunch will be served. We will end with a 60 min. yin yoga practice and yoga nidra. You will leave feeling powerful, relaxed and renewed. I really hope you can make this fun and challenging event…and invite your friends!

Space is limited so PLEASE RSVP by MAY 2nd. Your $25 deposit will reserve your spot.

For questions or to RSVP, please email me at amelia@spirituallyfityoga.com or call me at 360-808-0074.

Do you really want to do this retreat but, you’re feeling financially challenged right now?? Please call or email me. We will work something out!!



I’m just back from another Baptiste yoga teacher training and am lit up with that yoga fire in my belly, heart and soul! And, I’m so happy to be back in Port Angeles to share my love of yoga and connect with my amazing students! Here is my schedule for this week!

And, for tax day get your booty on the mat to de-stress after getting all that paperwork finally done or just letting it go that you’ve filed for an extension (like I did.) I’d LOVE to SEE you…come to class!! xoxo – Yogamama Meels 😉

  • Tuesday 4/15 12-12:50 at Kula Yoga (128 E. Front St. Port Angeles, WA)
  • Tuesday 4/15 6:30-7:30pm at the Y (302 S Francis St Port Angeles, WA)
  • Thursday 4/17 12-12:50 at the Y (302 S. Francis St. Port Angeles, WA


Due to the request from several guys I’m offering a coed yoga event instead of another women’s yoga retreat. SUNDAY MAY 18TH 10AM-3PM at Kula Yoga in Port Angeles.

We will workshop more advanced poses like handstands then incorporate them into our 90 min power yoga practice. A healthy, tasty, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free lunch will be served. We will end with a 60 min. yin yoga practice and yoga nidra. You will leave feeling powerful, relaxed and renewed. I really hope you can make this fun and challenging event…and invite your friends!

Space is limited so PLEASE RSVP by MAY 2nd. Your $30 deposit will reserve your spot.

For questions or to RSVP, please email me at amelia@spirituallyfityoga.com or call me at 360-808-0074360-808-0074.


Take a fun festival yoga class with me during the most amazing small town music festival in the nation! I LOVE the Juan de Fuca Festival in Port Angeles! Never been? Well, come over during Memorial Day weekend and be prepared to be blown away by the lineup, the small, intimate venues, and lots of dancing! I’ll be starting your mornings with some fun, stretchy, juicy yoga on Saturday 5/24 and Sunday 5/25. Check out the amazing lineup at http://jffa.org.


I’m also still teaching private yoga classes. Just email me at amelia@spirituallyfityoga.com or call me at 360-808-0074360-808-0074. AND…yes, I’m still moving to CA but, I’m teaching until we leave in July.

Peace out yogis!


2014womensyogaretreat-webConsider giving the gift of yoga! I have gift certificates available for my 2014 Women’s Half-day Yoga Retreat on January 12, 2014 in Port Angeles. Call 360-808-0074 or email me to register, purchase a gift certificate, or if you have questions. Space is limited for this special yoga retreat.


When: Sunday January 12, 2014 10am-4pm

Where: Kula Yoga Studio – 128 E. Front Street Port Angeles, WA

Class format:

  • Anatomy focus: learn proper shoulder integration in basic vinyasa poses
  • 90 min. heated vinyasa class: Baptiste Journey into Power sequence
  • Delicious, healthy, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free lunch (we are using the same caterer from our 2013 summer retreat. it was unanimous that the food was FANTASTIC!)
  • Time for socializing, reflecting…FUN!
  • Wrap-up after a yummy 90 min. Yin yoga class
  • Yogis of all-levels welcome