Pop-Up Yoga

When are the classes?

My outdoor pop-up yoga classes are fun, playful, challenging and often announced within a week of the class. I choose the dates based on the weather and my availability. These popular classes have limited space on my yoga deck under the redwoods and fill up quickly. If you are interested in these classes, please email me at amelia@spirituallyfityoga.com and include your phone number. My alerts are sent out via text. Thank you and I hope to see you at pop-up yoga! xoxo, Meels

Where are the pop-up classes?

  • Most often in my beautiful backyard in Danville, CA or in Port Angeles, WA, both of which I call my home. If not in my backyard I have done pop-ups in parks, beaches, or yoga studios.

What is Pop-up Yoga?

It’s spontaneous yoga with the date and location announced on a whim based on availability of the instructor and place.  Typically my pop-up yoga classes are 90-minute power vinyasa classes.

Energy exchange: $25 via cash or venmo.

Email amelia@spirituallyfityoga.com for more details or to subscribe to pop-up yoga notifications.

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