Day Nine SFY Mindful May Challenge – Prasarita with shoulder opener #SFYMindfulMay

day9-shouldersday9-shoulders-2Day 9 –  Start standing in prasarita, wide-legged foward fold, and clasp your hands behind your back or grab a strap, gently pulling the strap apart about shoulder width. Breathe your heart open, shoulders down, root down into your tadasana legs and feet, then hinge at the hips, folding forward with a long spine.  Let your arms or strap come away from your body towards the ground.  Hold for five breaths, gently squeezing the shoulder blades together.  Keep the neck long with the shoulders down from the ears.

Photo note: to take these photos I set up my self-timer on my Nikon D7000.  Unfortunately, my blooper was not caught on camera.  In the bottom photo where I was reaching my arms towards the ground, my wrists reached Paco’s back and I completely somersaulted and landed on top of him…which he loved! LOL

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Day Five SFY Mindful May Challenge – Shoulder opener with a strap

day5-shouldersDay 5 – grab a strap, gently pulling the strap apart to create some tension as you bring the strap behind your back. Breathe through the sticky spots as you stretch through your shoulder joints. Softly engage your core and adjust your tailbone to avoid overarching your lower back. Bring the hands closer on the strap with each rep as your shoulders open up. Be mindful of your posture and keeping your arms straight as you bring the strap above and behind your back. Do this pose “standing” on your knees, or release tension in the arches of your feet by tucking the toes, sitting on your heels and coming into a toe squat. Do as many reps as you like…enjoy!

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20130729-102247.jpgA few of you have asked if backyard yoga is happening today and, YES, the forecast continues to cooperate (66 and sunny at 6pm…perfect!) so my backyard will be our yoga studio tonight! If you don’t know the address, email me at before 5pm today. See you tonight!:)

5:30-6:00 Intro to Power Yoga
6:00-7:15 Power Yoga

What to bring:
* water bottle
* mat (block and strap if you have them)
* towel
* layers (for shivasana)


Another great forecast for outdoor yoga so join us Monday for backyard power yoga! And, to answer a question…YES, even if it’s windy, outdoor yoga is on! We’re protected from the wind in our sunny, south-facing yard but, bring a warm layer for shivasana, just in case.

5:30 Intro to Power Yoga
6-7:15 Power Yoga

Bring your mat, water bottle, towel and block if you have one. Email if you need the address.

This week’s forecast



My new portable Spiritually Fit Yoga sign is up, patio cleared, sun’s shining…I’m ready to teach a HOT power yoga class outside!!