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  • Winter Solstice Meditation Script

    During this shortest day of the year, and December full moon, enjoy this guided meditation to embrace the experience of darkness, to step away from external distractions, connect within, and release what no longer serves you. Release, empty out, and create space for freedom from suffering. Below is a short version of my Winter Solstice…

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  • November Full Moon Release Ritual – Mantra and Affirmations

    Join me for a free Yoga and Meditation class on Insight Timer on Saturday November 20, 2021 8-9am PST/11am-12pm EST. Click here to join. The latest partial lunar eclipse came around like a celebrity or ancient sage, because the last time it occurred was 500 years ago.  Click here to learn more: what is a…

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  • Full Moon Ritual

    August 22, 2021 is the date of the Full Moon, Blue Moon, Sturgeon Moon. May you release what no longer serves you. You will need: 2 bowls, one suitable to hold water, one suitable to burn paper in 1 candle A paper and pen Step 1. Clear Your Energy. Imagine standing under a silver waterfall…

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