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  • Sunset Warrior – Yoga Is Your Superpower!

    Determination to see the sunset is my magic. Trusting in Spirit keeps hope afloat. ✨✨✨ How to stay positive and keep the faith when life seems like a shit-show? Seeing the atrocities in Afghanistan or clashes over Covid or feeling overwhelmed by daily everyday challenges, could tempt me to escape reality, and just say f*ck…

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  • “The light in you is all I see.” – @GabbyBernstein #SpiritJunkie #JudgmentDetox

    “The light in you is all I see.” – @GabbyBernstein #SpiritJunkie #JudgmentDetox

    Inspired by Gabby Bernstein’s blog post titled “”Say This One Sentence to See the World Differently.”  Repeat this mantra ““The light in you is all I see” throughout your day to shift your perspective, rewire your brain, change your mood. “When you proactively see others in light, you allow the stream or well-being to flow.”…

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    Seven years ago I attended a yoga retreat where I set an intention to manifest my dream. After being led through a process of inquiry and, making a declaration in the present tense, I simply wrote “I am a yoga teacher.”  Four days after my retreat I was invited to sub a yoga class, although…

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  • Day Seven SFY Mindful May Challenge – Mother’s Day

    To be a mother is the greatest gift and most challenging job of my life. Today I was celebrated by family and friends but, there is no greater joy or privilege than that of raising my beautiful daughter.  I am so grateful. And, thank you mother earth for nourishing us and sustaining us. I honor…

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  • Day Six SFY Mindful May Challenge – Accept THIS moment as if you had chosen it…

    Day Six SFY Mindful May Challenge – Accept THIS moment as if you had chosen it…

    “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” – Eckhart Tolle

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