Colet M.

I feel blessed to have met Amelia as my yoga teacher, and now she has become my mentor and friend. She’s a person of compassion, wisdom, and authenticity.

I started by taking private yoga sessions with her so that I could get my body ready for an intensive yoga teacher training. She focused not only on getting my body ready, but also my mind. She taught me the asana practice, and I appreciate that she weaves her teachings with the yoga philosophy. She helped me have a deeper understanding of yoga, and I believe that this was really the start of my yoga journey.

I came back from my yoga teacher training feeling like my learnings were still incomplete, so I reached out to Amelia and asked for private sessions for a yoga mentorship. We were to focus on heartshares, sequencing, cueing, and the business of yoga, but our sessions evolved as we went, and Amelia was quick to change the plan as to what was showing up and what was needed. I felt supported throughout our sessions, and feel that I always have a safe space to be vulnerable and open.

Amelia’s teachings has always emphasized that my yoga journey is my own. She has always empowered me to discover my path. She is there to guide me so that I can learn my own truth. I trust her as my yoga mentor, as she trusts me to stand in my power with my own experiences.

Amelia’s offerings are full of insights that makes me think and reflect. She lives by example, and her authenticity inspires me to embrace living in my own truth, imperfections and all. All these, and she also makes the journey a fun ride!

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