2019 Workshops & Retreats

Vinyasa Fundamentals Workshop at Joya Yoga Dublin

January 13 – Part 1

Discover the proper alignment, breath (pranayama), and core engagement (bandhas) of basic vinyasa postures to 1) empower your vinyasa practice 2) prevent injury and 3) enable strength, mobility and lift-off in arm balances and inversions.

February 17 – Part 2

Prerequisite: Consistent vinyasa practice (at least one month of practice, 3x/week) or completion of January 13th Part 1 Vinyasa Fundamentals workshop.

Apply the proper alignment, breath (pranayama), and core engagement (bandhas) to arm balances, chaturanga shoot backs, and intro to inversions.

$25/each, discounted $45 for both

Spring Renewal Yoga Retreat – May 2-5, 2019 at Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreat in Santa Margarita, CA

Click flyer for more information about this yoga retreat.

Yoga Retreat in Portugal September 21-28, 2019

Join me in the beautiful countryside of Portugal this fall at the Monte Orada retreat center. I will be assisting one of my fellow Certified Baptiste Yoga Teachers, Kerry Armstrong! For more information and to book your spot click here: https://www.wetravel.com/trips/portugal-yoga-retreat-kerry-armstrong-s-teotonio-36926864