Week of January 24, 2022

I have a sub for this week: Tuesday 430pm Vinyasa Flow at Just Be Yoga Danville

Thursday 530pm 🔥 Hot Power Vinyasa at Joya Dublin

Thursday 645pm Yin Yoga at Joya Dublin

Sunday 10am Sacred Sunday 🔥 Hot Power Vinyasa at Joya Dublin

All classes Pacific Standard Time.

Private Yoga, Wellness Coaching, and Reiki Sessions

Working one and one with students is one of my favorite ways to teach! And, it is a powerful way to accelerate learning and personal transformation. It is always an honor and privilege when a student welcomes me into their yoga journey. I truly believe that each student who chooses me is meant to be, and I am 100% present and create custom sessions for each student.

My private sessions are not cookie cutter. I commit to each student, listen carefully, shift and adjust as needed. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship that we create together.


  • private sessions via zoom and socially distanced in person
  • mentor yoga teachers to uplevel mastery of teaching in person and online
  • life-coaching and personal transformation sessions applying yoga off the mat
  • reiki sessions in person on my yoga deck or remotely
  • DM me at

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