30 minute Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) – Relax Body & Mind, Create a Positive Outlook, Improve Your Sleep.

Welcome to the Spiritually Fit Yoga podcast!  This episode guides you through a ~30 minute yoga nidra to an awake mind and relaxed body and allows you to plant the seed of your positive affirmation while the mind is in the peaceful yoga nidra state of mind.    Yoga Nidra is “yogic sleep” with the intention for the mind to stay awake and aware as the body enters deep rest.  You’re invited to be still while you lay down and let your mind follow my voice as I guide you in this calming guided meditation.  AND…if you fall asleep, that’s great!  It means your body and mind needed to sleep! Enjoy!

Repeat this calming practice as often as desired.  Let yourself drift into sleep or allow me to quietly guide you out of this yogic sleep into wakefulness. If you want a shorter version of yoga nidra, see my previous episode #142

Blessings and Peace Out,

Amelia Diaz Andaleon

Questions?  Connect with me!   DM me on Instagram at @spirituallyfityoga, facebook, and on my website http://SpirituallyFitYoga.com.


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